Advantages of MANKAR® ULV spraying systems Very precise, sharp output with a merely minimal risk of drift »saves money while preserving the environment and conserving cultivated plants! Low herbicide comsumption thanks to ULV technology »economical and enviromentally friendly! (up to 80% lower herbicide consumption) Optimal herbicide coverage due to the defined narrow droplet size spectrum »particulary efficient utilisation of the active substance Considerably lower weight due to undiluted application »lower degrees of soil compaction, reduced levels of back strain! No mixing or measuring herbicides and no water needed »saves time! Independent of the water supply source! Drive is by means of rechargeable batteries or vehicle power (DC/DC converter) »low engergy consumption, very quiet! Can be adapted to different areas of applications thanks to a variety of models with variable spray widths. »an optimal spray unit designed precisely for YOUR application needs!


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