Characteristics : The packaged material is granular (grain, rice, salt, sand, etc.). Weighing range: 1 - 25 Kg / bag. Two weighing tanks (double the weighing speed). Tolerance: 0.2%. Weighing / packing speed: 360 - 900 bags / hour. Supply voltage: 380V (50Hz). Price at request. Benefits : - two weighing tanks that will increase packing capacity and intake Optionally the line can be equipped with the following devices: - conveyor belt with variable length between 2m and 4m. - Bundle printing of the date of validity, packing, lot number, etc. - vertical loader for feeding the silo in which the weighing and filling material of the bags is stored Depending on the specifics of the user, closing of the bags can be done by thermal bonding instead of sewing (specific for packing in transparent polyethylene bags)

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