Weld Powder | Reseda Luteola L.| Dyers Rocket | Mignonette | Gaude | Yellow Color Natural Dyestuff | Weld is a biannual dye plant and it creates amazing yellow dyeing. Weld is native in Western Asia and the Mediterranean area it produces an excellent light yellow and wash fast yellow. It is a strong clear yellow to combine with indigo for emerald and leaf greens. The dye plant is cultivated in many countries now for yellow dyeing. Weld was used in ancient times as a dye plant for textile, painting, fresco, etc. Please use nearly between 3% to 5% WOF according to the destiny of shade you like. To mordant protein-based fiber (wool, hair, fur, and silk) please use with alum 15% WOF. For cellulose fiber pre mordant with oak gall tannin. Colors Obtained: According to the dying recipe; yellow and yellow shades. Component of Weld Dye: flavonoid luteolin

Natural dyes, nonfood
  • Fabric dyeing with colours or pigments
  • fabric dyes
  • Extraction of natural raw materials