The chipping hammer is used for the removal of slag after arc welding. The hammer is of robust construction and well balanced. When working on stainless steel, a chipping hammer made of stainless steel must always be used. • Drop Forged. • Made from selected Carbon Steel. • Hardened & Tempered. • Finish : Painted. • A chipping hammer is a tool used to remove welding slag from a weld and welding spatter from alongside welds. • Used by carefully swinging and hitting the weld to shatter the slag. • To remove spatter, use the wide flat part of the chipping hammer and slide along the surface of the job. Item Code No.Size Gms.Size Lbs. ABM-HMR-170611101/4 ABM-HMR-170622251/2 ABM-HMR-170633353/4 ABM-HMR-170644501 ABM-HMR-170656751-1/2 ABM-HMR-170669002 ABM-HMR-1706713503

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