Wet mixer

The Lödige wet mixer


The application range includes everything from processing of viscous components to paste-like products with poor flow. The range of food applications is exceptionally broad and there are also various applications for the pharmaceutical industry. The conical shape permits thorough residue-free discharge. The wet mixer system is a vertical mixing system for batch processes. The geometry of the conical or cylindrical mixing vessel, the arrangement and shape of the tools and their peripheral speed are adapted to each other in all sizes, resulting in effective mixing of all components. Depending on the process engineering tasks, the individual mixing tools are combined to form one tool both for material transport and for dispersion and disagglomeration processes. The installation height in the vessel is adjustable within a wide range. An adjustable deflector can be used to affect the product movement in a systematic fashion.

Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry
  • wet mixer
  • vertical mixing
  • mixer

Product features

1 Parts in contact with product according to customer’s choice
2 High surface qualities
3 High-tensile steels, stainless steels and special materials
4 Various tool systems
5 Temperature-controlled mixing vessel surfaces
6 Devices for adding dry substances, liquids, greases, lecithins, etc.
7 GMP-compliant design
8 Manhole for inspection and cleaning
9 WIP nozzles for cleaning

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