What Is Secutex?


Regrinding, repainting and remachining The flexible, but also durable, secutex – buffer pad provides reliable protection from expensive damage to your highvalue goods. Often the solution is paramount. Thanks to the integrated perforated plate, secutex – buffer pad can simply be bolted or welded. secutex is a highly wear resistant polyurethane, which was developed 30 years ago for lifting sharpedged components. In the years that followed, new solutions for materials protection and noise reduction were regularly constructed. Thus, today almostall bricks in Europe are moved using secutex protective coatings. secutex protection is almost the industry standard for the lifting and storage of sharpedged metal sheets. For us, health and safety at work is even more important than the prevention of damage to materials. Our expert advisers can present a number of innovative solutions to you whereby, using secutex – buffer pad, noise is prevented directly at source.

  • Secutex Regrinding
  • Repainting Secutex
  • Secutex Remachining

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