Our solid gravity-driven roller conveyors provide an optimized solution for the internal transportation of your lightweight or heavyweight products. In order to ensure that your conveyed goods flow smoothly and independently all the way from the inlet to the outlet point, the roller conveyor must have the proper declination. This factor must be determined individually according to the type of load carrier and weight of the goods being used for your application. We can also deliver complete solutions that are individually tailored to your requirements; our support already begins during the planning phase for your project. Take advantage of our in-depth experience and benefit from our assessment of your operating conditions and influencing factors (including the suitability of using roller conveyors for your goods) – Leave nothing to chance.

  • light
  • wheel conveyors
  • wheel

Product features

usable width 300 mm - 800 mm
total width 340 mm - 840 mm
pitch 50 mm - 200 mm
Material Plastic, Steel, Stainless steel

Additional product literature

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