White Active

Whitening Cream


his cream has a smooth texture and delicate fragrance to treat hand and face’s sun spots and dark pigments.It lightens your skin and reduces the excessive pigmentation due to prolong exposure to the sun Excessive and prolonged exposure to the sun very rapidly causes the formation of the wrinkles as well as dark pigmentation of your skin.Long exposure to the sun should be avoided Thanks to this innovative formula, this cream blended with skin lightening ingredients of (Arbutin a very effective whitening agent extracted from the plants and VitaminC) and moisturizer (Shea butter and vitamin E) to prevent and reduce the sun and dark spots on your skin Arbutin in the WhiteActive cream will allow you to reduce the damaging effects of the sun, particularly due to its anti-radical effects. In addition the presence of Arbutin in White Active Cream reduces the formation and disappearance of dark spots by reducing the production of melamine in the skin it regulates Melanesian and reducing melanin

  • Whitening Cream
  • Anti-Spot Cream
  • Brightening Cream
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