TECHNICAL DEFINITION • White fine grain repair filler for interior and exterior use • Does not shrink • High resin content • FINEX SYSTEM is a multi-purpose filler, which allows to fill holes and cracks, and to repair windowsills and damaged angles ACCEPTED SUBSTRATES Cement, concrete, bricks, concrete blocks, stone, aerated concrete, plaster, old paint, old tiling. SUITABLE SURFACES Once completely dry, FINEX SYSTEM can be covered with all types of paint, watertightness system, plaster- or cement-based fillers, and silicate, epoxy or polyurethane paint. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Grain size : fine • Adhesion : complies with standard DTU 42.1 • pH : 9 once dry • Setting starts after 50 minutes • Setting ends in 1 hr 10 min PREPARATION OF SURFACES BEFORE APPLICATION The substrate must be clean, dry, free of dust and of any trace of stripping oil. Walls that are peeling off must be scraped beforehand. Strip any old paint in poor condition and remove any old thick plastic covering.

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