Appearance:Off-white or light yellow fine powder Specifications:H 1% Phaseolamin HPLC 2% Phaseolamin HPLC Function: 1.It can effectively inhibit starch decomposition, which is good for losing weight; 2.With the function of protecting spleen and kidney; 3.Promoting the ordered split of WBC in mammals. Application: 1.Applied in food field, its nutrient value is very high and applys to cook; 2.Applied in health product field, the health product which use it as raw material have favourable effect of losing weight; 3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it has high pharmaceutical value, to be used to treat various adverse symptoms Non-Irradiation Statement:This ingredient is not treated by irradiation and ETO Kosher Status:Kosher KOF-K Parve Guarantees the nature time:Two years

Plants and herbs, medicinal
  • 1 2 phaseo
  • White kidney bean extract
  • phaseo

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