White mustard is an oil crop. The oil is used in food, technical and chemical-pharmaceutical industries. It is especially valued in bakery and canning. Fat-free powder is added to prepared mustard powder as an odor stabilizer. A significant amount of seeds is used in the food industry in the production of different mixtures, spices and flavorings for preserving vegetables and mushrooms. Though, the largest number of it is used to make prepared mustard. Mustard seeds have a delicate and piquant taste. Mustard seeds are used whole or ground for preserving various products. Mustard is a good emulsifier, it serves as a protective coating for thermal processing of poultry, veal and fish. Besides, mustard not only prevents the flow of meat juice, but also aromatizes it. The use of mustard in food helps to normalize digestion.

Agricultural Production
  • mustard
  • food products
  • Oilseed crops


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