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Product features

Moisture max. 15.0 %
Content of pea groats 0.5 %
Content of pea flour 0.2 %
Mineral impurities 0.1 %
Extraneous inorganic matter like glass, metal or other inadmissible
Content of broken peas 3 %
Content of green peas in yellow peas and yellow peas in green peas 2 %
Content of whole peas 1 %
Content of peas with husk 1 %
Content of other cultivable plants detailed content of bitter lupin 0.1%, 0.05 %
Content of darken peas 3 %
Content of peas damaged by insects 1 %
Alive and dead insects (Bruchus pisorum L. or other) in every stage and their residues inadmissible
Heavy metals content Lead (Pb) < 0,2 mg/kg


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