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We produced different qualities in terms of Pet flake size and colors however the product standards are ensured as per international parameters of end use of the Pet Bottle Flakes. Currently we are enganged in recyling Pet bottles to make Pet flakes. We have collection center in different locations of Bangladesh for collecting PET bottles. After collection, all the bottles are sorted and the lables are removed in our own factory. It is then crushed and washed properly by a team of highly skilled trained professionals to obtain the best quality .It is then tested in our own advanced laboratory for further inspection of quality of the product.After the quality is confirmed it is then packed in plastic bags of 25kg/ 50kg. Product List: - Pet Flakes Clear - Pet Flakes Green - Pet Flakes Brown 1. Product: PET Flakes 2. Grade: recycled Bottle Flake, Hot Washed 3. Color: 100% Clear, white 4. Form: Flake 12-14mm

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