WiTEC Series Performance

Highly dynamic Precision CNC Routers, HSC-Milling and Laser machines


WiTEC Performance is the perfect solution for the most precise and fastest machining of your sheet material! The Performance is the flagship solution of the WiTEC machine family. A machine concept based on a FEM optimized design, built using premier precision components, and equipped with linear magnet motor technology, the Performance is able to achieve the highest levels of precision and speed, up to 80m/min! Thanks to the combination of Wissner’s innovative and patented hold&press Technology and sophisticated Vacuum System, you can mill even the smallest parts all the way through the finishing cut-out! No need for any adhesive paper or foil, no need for leaving connector tabs, and no deburring or cleaning is necessary! The ready-finished parts will go directly from the machine table to the end customer!

Milling - machine tools

Product features

materials to be machined Aluminum, Plastics, Wood, Composites, Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber
machine size from 2000mm to 8000mm

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Wissner WiTEC - Patented W.hold&press

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