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Width and flame retardant shrink foil

Used on scaffolds for roofs, shelters and tents


Bi-directional shrinkage: his is determined during production by the choice of the extruder and the blow ratio. As a result, the shrinkage properties and the mechanical properties of a film are determined. VeriSafe ® films have similar contraction strength, both vertically and horizontally. This is unique on the market and gives our film unique features: - by heating - resulting in a perfect clamping of the film and also a permanent shrinkage force for a long time and therefore a super resistance to gusts of wind (guarantee up to 10 Beaufort). Welding properties: are determined by the raw materials used, as well as the capacity of the extruder. The welding is very important and must be permanent for long time. Welding's which dissolve over time weaken the tension of the film and thus also the stability of the work. Puncture resistance: this is determined by the blow grade of the extrusion and by the chemical composition. The unique properties of bi-directionality and the chemical co

Films, plastic
  • flame retardant shrink-wrapping film

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