A wiggler is a type of edge and center finder. They usually come as a set of 5 pieces. One piece is the body. The other four are various types of probes. Each probe has a large ball on one end that snaps into the body • ITEM CODE NO. ABM-EPT-8705 • These sets are fast effective way of locating the Working centre on lathes, bench drills and milling machines. • Hardened steel points and contacts ensure accurate location. • The four attachments snap fit into the chuck without removing the collet nut and reducing down time. 5 pieces set imperial • Chuck with 4 arms. • Comes in attractive plastic pouch. • Set consists of Snap in Holder, Needle Point Attachment, Ball Contact Attachment, Disc Contact Attachment and Off Set Indicator Holder. The wiggler body holds the selected probe. Loosen the knurled nut and snap the ball on the end of the probe into the body. Tighten the knurled nut so the probe is not loose, but can still move.

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