Winding lines

Multiple-Layer Design
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Most Winding Lines process one single coil (single-layer winding). There are however also applications where multiple layers are wound: With this process, the rewinding Coil Reel (Rewinder for short) reverses horizontally and orderly puts one layer beside the other, creating one long coil. This will make sense when narrow slit coil materials of small weight and – depending on their thickness – usually short running lengths would require frequent changeovers. Here, a layer-wound coil provides much longer productive time. The “elongation” by the way is done by butt-welding the coil strip ends. We offer this complete technology – including our own end-joining equipment and an adapted servo layering axis for the Rewinder. For thick strips we build vertical straighteners to correct the frequently occurring camber defect.

  • Metal straightening machines
  • Coil winders
  • sheet metal bending machines
  • Coil handling

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