Window decoration films serve to customize transparent commercial or private surfaces. In architectural applications, they can give glass surfaces elegant and impressive designs. Whereas in the past glass surfaces had to be expensively etched, window decoration films now offer a cost-effective alternative with the same effect. There are innumerable application possibilities, only limited by the creativity of the designer. RENOLIT window decoration films are available in a vast number of colours and effects which our customers and the whole market appreciate. Film Variations Widths up to 82.5” Thicknes: 3.0 mil to 8 mil Polymer Matte embossing Standard designs ‘frosted’ and ‘dusted’ Different color plus customization options Film Properties Translucent films designed for glass decoration Uniform pigmentation Trouble free computer cutting Privacy while preserving daylighning Good dimensional stability Low shrinkage Application Examples Commercial/retail: decoration of restaurants, ho

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