Windscreen antifreeze -20 °C, 2 L - 5 L

All-season window cleaner for summer and winter.
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The advantages of flexible packaging in stand-up pouches are the approx. 70% weight reduction and the approx. 90% volume saving when the container is empty. Furthermore, the bag can be printed all over, ideal for tight storage, no sharp edges, easy to transport, is easy to open, is resealable, 100% free of bisphenol A. This innovative packaging makes a significant contribution to avoiding waste, as well as to the increasingly required sustainability of products. Other sizes available on request

  • Cleaning and maintenance products, household
  • All-Season Window Cleaner
  • Windscreen Antifreeze
  • anti fog windshield spray

Product characteristics

Reliable -20°C Windscreen Antifreeze | Efficient All-Season Solution
Versatile -20°C Windscreen Antifreeze | Eco-Friendly Stand-Up Pouch

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10711 Berlin - Germany