A compass having an arc-shaped piece (which is attached to one leg) which passes through the opposite leg and which may be clamped with a set screw to a desired opening. WING COMPASS (German Type, Square Leg) ( Square Leg Pencil Holders - Heavy Duty) • High Quality Thick Dividers. • Square Legs for Balance and Grip. • Hardened and Ground Points. • Manufactured with Rivet or Screw Hinge. Rivet Joint Wing Item Code No.Screw Hinge Item Code No.Size InchSize mm ABM-EPT-8290ABM-EPT-83106150 ABM-EPT-8291ABM-EPT-83117175 ABM-EPT-8292ABM-EPT-83128200 ABM-EPT-8293ABM-EPT-831310250 ABM-EPT-8294ABM-EPT-831412300 ABM-EPT-8295ABM-EPT-831516400 ABM-EPT-8296ABM-EPT-831620500 ABM-EPT-8297ABM-EPT-831724600 ABM-EPT-8298ABM-EPT-831832800 ABM-EPT-8299ABM-EPT-8319401000

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