To safely store your sunshade on your premises over the winter, we recommend using our protective winter covers. These covers allow you to keep your sunshade outdoors in winter and still provide optimum protection against wind and weather. The winter covers are made of the same fabric as our sunshades and are therefore available in the same colours. To avoid mould spots and the like, please make absolutely sure that the sunshade is dry before putting it in its cover so that it is ready for use the next year! Fastening Strap for Sunshades For all sunshade models To also protect your sunshade over night, for example, we recommend securing your sunshade with the enclosed fastening strap after use. Depending on local circumstances and weather conditions, it may get very windy overnight. To protect your sunshade from gusts of wind, you should fasten the strap around the sunshade after closing it.

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