Wire AS

Wires for power lines


APPLICATION Non-insulated wire for overhead power lines. Non-insulated wire AS is designed to transmit electrical energy in overhead electrical networks. ADVANTAGES Wire production is carried out in strict accordance with GOST 839-80. AS wire is made with cross section up to 1250 / 101.8 mm². Minimum production time. Own production of aluminum wire rod. Drawing of aluminum wire on the modern high-speed complex TS45-13-1 (Mario Frigerio S.A. - Italy) Wire twisting is performed on equipment with wire preformation, which provides tight twisting and eliminates the possibility of self-braiding of wires. A large fleet of twisting equipment. Receivers of the line are equipped with automatic distributors that provide uniform in-line layout of the wire on the drum. Part 1 - Steel wire Part 2 - Stranded steel wires Part 3 - Stranded aluminum wires

Cables and wires, electric and telephone
  • Power wires
  • Steel wire
  • Stranded steel wires
  • wires
  • Stranded aluminum wires
  • Non-insulated wire

Product features

Section , mm2 from 16/2,7 to 1250/101,8
Lifetime 45 years
Guarantee exploitation 4 years after commissioning
Temperature range of operation, °C Not more than + 90

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