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Wire Rope Sling

Wire Rope Sling


[Product Description] Wire rope slings are also called 'line hanging mechanisms' and are mainly used to lift products using cranes in all industrial sites such as shipyards, heavy industries, and construction sites. In particular, it is an important product that guarantees safety in industrial sites as safety accidents occur frequently in lifting operations. Fittings such as shackles that are fastened with wire rope slings are also mainly used as connecting and auxiliary devices when lifting products, and it is a core product that deals with safety in industrial sites. [Product Specification] [Processing Method : Loading Efficiency] Mechanical Splice Sleave : 90~95% Loop / Thimble Splice : ~10mm : 85% / ~20mm : 75% / 20mm~ : 70% Socket : 100% Swaging : 95~100% Wedge : 75~90% Clip : 50~60%

Cables and wires, electric and telephone
  • wire rope sling
  • sling
  • gromments

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Brand name KISROPE

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