STRAITENING CUM CUTTING MACHINES FEATURES Suitable for straitening and cutting of electric welding rods, cloth hander wire, electrical parts, etc. Any Length of wire can be cut without automatic attachments. Straitening function performed by five straitening blocks which are adjustable. Automatic cutting gauge for required length can be provided. SPECIFICATION Item Code No.Wire ThicknessLength of Wire to be cut AutomaticallyLength of Wire to be CutProduction Per MinMotor Required. ABM-FM-66601 to 4 mm38 to 480 mmAny Length50'1.5 H.P. ABM-FM-66613 to 8 mm38 to 1000 mmAny Length60'3 H.P. ABM-FM-66623 to 10 mm38 to 1000 mmAny Length60'3 H.P. ABM-FM-66636 to 13 mm63 to 1000 mmAny Length55'5 H.P. ABM-FM-66648 to 16 mm75 to 1500 mmAny Length50'3 + 10 H.P. ABM-FM-666515 to 20 mm100 to 1500 mmAny Length40'3 + 15 H.P. ABM-FM-666620 to 40 mm175 to 3000 mmAny Length20'7.5 + 30 H.P.

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  • Locks, bolts and keys - manufacturing machinery

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