Fontane ACM has almost 10 years experience and technological practice in manufacturing wireless products from analogue to digital ones, operating in frequency range from 434MHz to 2.4GHz.These modules may be used in various range of household appliances, signal and transmission equipment including audio transmitters and receivers, for example analog and digital “Baby guard” (operation frequencies 434/868MHz), transmitters and receiver (operation frequency 868.3MHz), remote controllers (operation frequency 868.3MHz) and hands free (HF) audio transmission modules (operation frequency 2.4GHz). As a company with rich experience in production and testing wireless products, we can also support and design integration methods of our wireless modules into customer‘s products. Transceiver - Our own design & production Fontane ACM has 10 years ODM and 31 years OEM experiences on high frequency products. At present we have already developed new transceiver modules with major and advanced t

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