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Wireless Torque Wrenches - 1100 Exacta 2


Bi-directional radio communication FM 2.4 GHz The 1100 Series Exacta 2 Digital Torque Wrenches are made specifically to work with SR brand controllers Global 8 and Global 8 Ethernet to provide the communication, integration and efficiency that your bottom line needs! With its accuracy and provision of both variable and attribute data, your most critical joints can now have 100% conformance analysis! Four keyswitches on the front of the Exacta 2 electronics module permit programming and operation of all key functions. Programmable for Maximum and Minimum Torque Value. “OK/BAD” attribute notification, along with variable data on actual torque and unit of measure on display. Auxiliary LED lens on back allows operator to know torque status even when display cannot be seen. Features and Benefits Wireless bi-directional communication with Global 8 controller; downloads specifications, uploads results. Accuracy ± 1% Indicated Value from 20% to 100% of capacity, both CW and...