Wireless Torque Wrenches

Global 8


Torque Tool Controller System Global 8 controllers work with up to eight PST 1000-equipped ported pulse tools, 1100-Series Exacta® 2 digital torque wrenches, 2.4 GHz preset torque wrenches or select battery-powered tools – in any combination. When multiple tools of multiple types, or many tools of the same type must be used at a single cell or station, one of the Global 8 family is likely the optimum controller for that location. Key Features Front panel programming is extremely easy; setup of tool and specifications for any joint takes less than three minutes! Highly reliable wireless tool communications, up to fifty feet (50’, 16m), across any of 12 channels. Large backlit liquid cristal display shows - Name of joint - Tool type to be used - Numbers of fasteners in batch - Number of fasteners completed - Number of completed batches Three large LED’s augment the display with notification of completed conforming tightenings, rejected tightenings, and batch completion. Beeper...

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