Wireless Torque Wrenches

Global 400


Wireless Error Proofing System The Global 400 performs as a station dedicated process controller that organizes, directs workers, tools, and tasks. It also brings a powerful networking capability not previously available in the Global 8 and the Global 100 series. Mixed Model Manufacturing Mandates Flexibility Sturtevant Richmont specializes in solving the most complex assembly challenges. The Global 400 is designed to organize work stations where highly customized products are assembled. It can work with 16 primary torque tools, 8 holding tools, and an additional 8 I/O tools. It has the capacity for 100 sets of parameters that can be grouped allowing 4 operators to work as a team. These parameters or groups can be formed into jobs containing a fixed build sequence of put to 35 steps. Mixed Model Manufacturing Mandates Communication The Global 400 communicates with the operators, the tools, and your network in multiple ways. Parameters or jobs can be assigned via the Ethernet...

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