Wireless Torque+Angle Wrenches

WrenchStar Multi


Torque & Angle Production Wrench The WrenchStar Multi production torque wrench is for customers who require Torque and Angle data recording digitally. The WrenchStar Multi has a 360° Light Ring that is completely visible at any angle. The torque wrench can be used wirelessly or with a cable option. The quick change battery allows less downtime in production. The Wrench will also accept interchangeable heads with ID for Auto length compensation. It has a small OLED display that is clear and bright and shows how many Jobs are left. There is also a strong vibration alert when reaching the desired torque level. The Wrench will connect wirelessly using RF to the IQVu. If the Wrench goes out of range then it will continue to take readings, which once you are back in range it will automatically connect to the IQVu and send the data. The WrenchStar Multi can store around 200 readings within its internal storage so you can continue to work offline before having to return to the IQvu...

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