Wireless Torque+Angle Wrenches

TCI Multi


Tool Control Interface The TCI (Tool Control Interface) Multi allows the user to connect up to five Wrenches to be used in assembly production, allowing for complete control of your torque tools and peace of mind for safe recording and logging of vital data. The WrenchStar Multi can be connected to the TCI Multi at the push of a button. The TCI Multi allows easy management, set up and diagnostics of itself via Web Browsers. The TCI Multi can be used stand alone and jobs can be selected and results sent to a PC or Web Page. The TCI Multi accepts Open Protocol commands via Ethernet to select a Job to use with the WrenchStar Multi. The TCI Multi has Web Status Page that allows Ethernet properties, RF properties, logging of messages, and Wrench status to be monitored. Web Page mirrors last Torque and Angle reading from Wrench plus its Torque status (LO, OK and HI). LED lights show real time status of the Wrench connection on the unit. Connection to Crane Transducers is also...

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