Axon' offers a range of wires, cables and sheaths Axotherm® designed to resist high temperatures (-60°C to +600°C). They are able to meet mechanical and heat requirements for cabling household appliances, lighting systems, … Axotherm® cables and wires are halogen free and flexible. They have a good resistance to severe environments (UV, ozone, oxygen) and heat shocks. Most of the products are held on stock. They can be made with bare or tin plated copper, nickel plated copper or pure nickel and thermocouple conductors. Depending on the application, the insulating materials can be polyurethane, polyolefine, silicone rubber, fibre glass, polyester or fluorine), Applications are numerous ranging from household appliances, cooking industries, electrical motors, lighting and heating systems, measurement, industrial ovens, steel and glass industries, heavy industries, etc.

Electric cables
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