Women’s Formula P3 is a premium combination of micronutrients with 15 vital substances, which combat a loss of vital substances from taking contraceptive pills. The formula was adapted to the most recent scientific knowledge. Information from specialist literature for the use of Women’s Formula P3: • Covering an increased consumption of vital substances • Supports physical/psychological Performance • Maintains a healthy vitamin and micronutrient balance with the view to a later wish to become pregnant Micro nutrient thief: Contraceptive pill Micronutrients and medicinal products use the same metabolic pathways in the body when ingested. Therefore micronutrients and medicinal products compete for the same transportation systems. Micronutrients are at a disadvantage and this leads to less of them. Some unwanted side-effects of the contraceptive pill: Lack of motivation, headaches, irritability, mood swings, water retention and weight gain, migraines and elevated blood pressure....


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