WOOD SCREW MAKING PLANT (Automatic) (High Speed) (a) Automatic High Speed Double Stroke Cold Heading Machines (b) Automatic Screw Head Slotting Machines (c) Automatic Thread Cutting Machines (d) Polishing Barrel / Drum These cold heading machines are fully automatic and easy to operate with little training, fitted with Solid Die to produce blank for Bolts, Screws, Rivets and other similar components. Cut off and knock out mechanism have safely devices that will stop any major accident if any abnormal function occurs in machines. A positive knock out provision had been made on the 1st and 2nd punches to eliminate the possibility of parts sticking to these punches during the operations. The maximum parts of the machines are ground and all the Cames and Rollers from H.C.H.C. ( Hardened & Ground ). On some extra charges machines will be equipped with Pneumatic Clutch & Automatic Centralized Lubrications systems

Locks, bolts and keys - manufacturing machinery
  • Wood Screw Making Plant - Wood Screw Making Machine Manufacturer and exporter India
  • machines for producing wood screws
  • Locks, bolts and keys - manufacturing machinery

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