Wooden flat top coop for animals
Wooden ceiling  - JIANGXI HAIPENG WOOD CO., LTD.

52.00$ HT


Size: 180*90*78 Product advantages: ·Very low water content, no special smell, no formaldehyde and other toxic substances, healthy and environmental protection, durable; ·High temperature carbonization preservative treatment, prominent texture, with anti-corrosion and anti-moth characteristics; ·Ultra-thick sheet fixed with golden accessories and with delicate texture. Products are widely used for decorative landscaping and security, engineering carbonized wooden flower rack/carbonized wood flower/anticorrosion solid wood flower rack/wholesales of flower rack/flower rack/garden/living room in urban roads, real estate, development zones, residential areas, gardens and various types of enterprises and institutions. Outdoor wheelchairs can be customized.

Bird cages and aviaries
  • Coop
  • Cage
  • Wooden chicken cage
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