Wood-shaving machine SDS-3


The SDS-3 wood-shaving machine is an industrial plant, intended for processing of different kinds of wood, lumber and secondary raw materials into shavings (chips). The resulting material is used in production of biofuel (bricks, pellets, beads), as bedding for poultry or livestock, for manufacturing of package, chipboard plates, as well as other needs. Improved productivity within the range of 30-40 cubic meters of recyclable materials per hour is realized by using a travelling chipper-shaft block that constantly travels along the fixed lumber. Such solution eliminates idle passes and pauses, necessary for loading of raw materials, or for maintaining of their specific volume, which is typical for installations equipped with travelling feeding hoppers.

Woodworking - machinery and equipment
  • Planing lathes, automatic
  • wood processing machines
  • timber grinding

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