Woodworking vises are attached to a workbench, typically flush with its work surface. “Quick-release” vises employ a split nut that allows the screw to engage or disengage with a half-turn of the handle. When disengaged the movable jaw may be moved in or out throughout its entire range of motion, vastly speeding up the process of adjustment A woodworking vice manufactured from close grain grey cast iron with a steel main screw for a long and trouble-free working life. Accurately machined housing coupled with solid steel guide rods assure a smooth sliding true parallel action for the jaw, free from side or cross deflection. This vice has a toe-in feature so that when fully closed the jaws only meet at the top to provide even clamping on the whole depth of the work piece. The adjustable front stop or dog gives an additional cramping facility when used in conjunction with a bench stop. Cast iron Frame with Steel Spindle. Item Code No.

Hand tools, non-power
  • vices
  • clamps

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