Workshop racks are a well-proven element of equipment used in utility and office rooms and a reliable solution for arranging the interiors of various types of facilities, such as warehouses, stores, garages, cellars, workshops or pantries. We offer two rack types: - Bolted racks – uprights are made of 55 mm x 45 mm x 2 mm angle steel perforated every 18 mm. Shelves are mounted to legs with bolts available with the rack. The structure is supported with an X-brace mounted on the rear part of the rack and shelves bolted onto the rack. The permitted load capacity of the entire rack is 600 kg. - Clip-in rack – assembled without bolts. The rack frame is made of 30 mm x 35 mm x 1 mm U-bars (profiles) perforated every 25 mm. The maximum load capacity of entire rack is up to 500 kg. The structure is reinforced with an X-brace and four cross U-bars between the rack’s side legs. Please take a look at our remaining workshop furniture offer (cabinets, cupboards, carts, racks, etc.).

Workshop furniture and fittings
  • metal racks
  • metal furniture for workshops and industries
  • furniture for storage

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