Workshop racks are a well-proven element of equipment used in utility and office rooms and a reliable solution for arranging the interiors of various types of facilities, such as warehouses, stores, garages, cellars, workshops or pantries. We offer two rack types: Bolted racks – uprights are made of 55 mm x 45 mm x 2 mm angle steel perforated every 18 mm. Shelves are mounted to legs with bolts available with the rack. The structure is supported with an X-brace mounted on the rear part of the rack and shelves bolted onto the rack. The permitted load capacity of the entire rack depends on the size, type and number of shelves, and rack height. The maximum load is 600 kg. Our regular offer includes shelves without supports or with one or two supports of different lengths and widths. Clip-in rack – assembled without bolts. The rack frame is made of 30 mm x 35 mm x 1 mm U-bars (profiles) perforated every 25 mm. Depending on the type of shelves, the maximum load capacity of a single shelf is 150 kg (evenly distributed). The entire rack’s load capacity is up to 500 kg. The structure is reinforced with an X-brace and four cross U-bars between the rack’s side legs. Our solution makes it possible to mount shelves without bolts, as shelves rest on steel U-bars. Installation holes make it possible to combine racks into larger units, which additionally reinforces the entire structure. In order to increase safety, we recommend that 2.5 m high free-standing racks should be additionally mounted on walls, while several racks standing next to each other should be joined. Racks can be fitted with stops to prevent objects from sliding from shelves and dividers, which are perfect for office racks. Thanks to our solutions, both rack types are very light, which makes them easy to move. In addition, they require simple assembly and disassembly operations, while taking up little space while disassembled. This makes them ideal as mobile, temporary furniture, e.g. at exhibitions and other events requiring storage for various objects.


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