The Gebuwin hand driven worm gear winch is known for its robust and compact construction. The hoisting capacity of the winch is calculated according to the first belt layer around the drum. The winch has a rear exit, which also enables it to be used as a pulling winch. As pulling winch, a load of up to approx. 2000 kg can be moved horizontally. The worm gear winch is fitted with a load pressure brake. This brake holds the load at any required height during hoisting and lowering. The crank can be adjusted in length and is recoil-free. All rotating parts run in maintenance free bearings. This winch is available in a grey/black paint and a zinc plated version, which gives an improved rust protection. Type and version coding: WB = worm gear belt winch: hoisting load of 750kg/ pulling load 2000kg GR = grey (RAL 7035) / black (RAL 9005) painted according to DIN 12944-C1 EV = electrolyte zinc plated, min. 6 microns

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