These winches are used for both hoisting and pulling of loads. These worm gear winches are equipped with a cable drum free spool, making it possible for the cable to be easily pulled from the drum, due to the fact that the cable drum can be detached from the transmission. As an extra option, it is possible to have an adjustable slipping brake on the cable drum which allows for a controlled release of the cable. As well as this, these winches can be mounted in such a way that allows for the cable to come free from the winch horizontally. The Gebuwin range of hand driven worm gear winches are known for their robust construction. The listed capacities refer to the hoisting capacities which are calculated according to the first cable layer on the cable drum. In the case of these winches being used for the pulling of loads, the hoisting capacity should be multiplied roughly by a factor of 2.5. The worm gear winches are equipped with a load pressure brake. This brake holds the load at...

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