Woven geotextile «GRUNTSTAB» – is a material made by textile technology (weaving and knitting) of high modulus polyester yarns. Woven geotextiles are used in climatic regions with a temperate and cold climate; the temperature regime of operation is from minus 60 С to plus 70 С, in soils with a pH value of pH from 4 to 10. Typical application: - reinforcement of weak bases in the construction of roads and railways, oil and gas terminals, airfields, car parks, high load sites, construction sites; - separation of structural layers and pavement bases during the construction of roads; - strengthening of soils during hydraulic engineering construction, erection of dams, breakwaters, breakwaters; - strengthening landfills for household and industrial waste; - separation of layers to enhance the main platform of the subgrade of railways; - construction of reinforced ground structures.

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