Wv-series roll feeds

Roll Feeds
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With threephase servo drive sized according to job requirements Machine body in sturdy clean steel plate design Rollers made of highquality 63 RW tool steel, hardened and polished Pneumatic pilot release with parallel lift of upper roller, guided on gear rack Entry catenary rolls Manual edge guides Simple programming of even complex feeding cycles, Display in cleartext Manual functions for setup such as creep speed, jog mode, single feedtolength Simple memory and recall of job programs for quick changeover Mounting bracket with height adjustment via spindle or hydraulic handpump (optional motorized) Hard chromed or polyurethane coated rollers (optional with Topochrome coating for highgrip feeding) Measuring wheel system for highest feeding accuracy Stroke limitation for faster piloting Fine adjustment of upper roller and strip guiding device for thin stocks (starting at 0,1 mm thickness) Central edgeguides with hand wheel

  • Metal straightening machines
  • Mounting bracket
  • Coated rollers
  • Hydraulic pump

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47906 Kempen - Germany