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X2000NC Doorstriker Verified by Europages badge

Automatic production system for doorstrikers


X2000NC for producing door strikers Modular tool set on an X2000NC line for the production of door strikers from 8 mm wire. Striker sprinter tool, 3 stations, 2 m back wall, feeding of coil material via NC roller infeed, cycle output: approx. 60 pcs/min, ready-to-use, weight approx. 10 t Door striker production With these specifications, our X2000NC is the world’s fastest system for the production of door strikers for the automotive industry. With tool changes, different striker shapes can be achieved, as well as processing details such as upsetting or tapering at wire ends. Our one-of-a-kind production model enables cycle times of more than 60 pcs/minute. For this reason, we’d prefer not to share the technical details of our strategy online. If you’re interested, please arrange a meeting with a member of our field sales team. Incidentally, we also build assembly systems for coupling door strikers to striker plates.