XLMD225 Baltograph

Mobile & Stationary


The XLMD225 is a mobile version of our XLD225 generator offering the flexibility of a mobile unit but as stable and sturdy as a stationary unit. It also gives you more flexibility than a portable unit in places where room for the tubehead is reduced. It has been specially designed and optimized for real time applications and offers an extremely high dose stability to produce quality images comparable to conventional X-ray films. A very high duty cycle and a wide variety of tubehead is available, therefore the unit can be easily turned into a Panoramic or a Directional X-ray equipment with different focal spot sizes and can drive up to two individual filaments. Lightweight and highly flexible, that makes it the ideal selection for all castings and medium walled steels. Equipped with the HAND-XD or the DC1, the XLD225 is very easy to use and can also be driven by the X-Ray Remote Control (XRRC) software.

  • Baltograph
  • Mobile and stationary

Product features

Tube current range mA 0,5 - 12
Tube range kV Up to 225
Ripple 0,1% PP
Maximum output power Watt 650 or 1000
Frequency Hz 47 - 63
Drive frequency KHz 30
Operating temperature °C 0 to 50°C
Output connector R24
Duty cycle % 100%
Insulation SF6
Voltage V 230 (-15% +10%)
Weight Kg 142
Tubehead Metal-Ceramic
Control mode Hand-XD or DC1/B

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