XMD225 Baltograph

Mobile & Stationary


The XMD225/4KW gives the flexibility of a mobile unit and and is as powerful, stable and sturdy as a stationary unit. It gives you more flexibility than a portable unit in places where room for the tubehead is reduced. The XMD225/4KW is the mobile version of the XSD225/4KW, first unit of a complete set based on a solid insulation HV module. This technology not only frees you from very specialized service operations but also guarantees that you will be able to get the most out of your machine at any time. A very high duty cycle and a wide variety of tubehead is available, therefore the unit can be easily turned into a Panoramic or a Directional X-ray equipment with different focal spot sizes and can drive up to two individual filaments. Combined to our computerized control panel (LS1) it can be integrated in all kind of environment, for instance it can replace the majority of existing units without big changes or any.

  • Baltograph
  • Mobile and stationary

Product features

Tube current range mA 0,1 - 30
Focal spot size (EN12543) From 0,4 to 5,5
Ripple 0,1% PP
Maximum output power Watt 4000
Frequency Hz 47 - 63
Current A 18
Steel penetration at max (*) mm 54
Working temperature °C 0 to 45°C
Anode cooling type Water
Duty cycle % 100%
Insulation Encapsulated
Voltage V 230 (-15% +10%)
Weight Kg 244
Tubehead Metal-Ceramic
Control unit LS1

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