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XPE Foam Reinforced Aluminum Foil - Foam Insulation


This is a new type of environmentally friendly thermal insulation material, light weight, soft and easy to install. Made of aluminum foil and xpe foam by special machinery. XPE self-adhesive foam insulation is ideal for camper and caravan reconstruction or insulation projects. Safe, non-toxic and odorless, it not only overcomes the discomfort and environmental damage caused by glass fiber and viscous materials, but also resists ultraviolet radiation. It can easily install double bubble insulation, single bubble insulation, or even a thin thermally conductive silver vapor barrier. The wide adaptability is very suitable for use in any structure, not just campers and caravans. Feature: Can be installed on the roof, wall or floor, can resist more than 80% of the external heat of the building, protect the wall, resist thermal shock and sudden cold, etc. 1. No odor, environmental protection and health. 2. Lightweight and soft. Dust-free and flame-retardant, easy to install;