XSD320 is the fi rst bipolar unit of the Baltograph series. Made up of two 160 kV unit (Cathodic + Anodic), it uses the same modules as the monopolar unit and can consist in an upgrade of an existing monopolar unit from the XSD series. Completely renewed during summer 2014, it keeps all previsous features but has been made with the lastest available components, reduced in size, weight and the most important, is more powerfull, offering 4000W. This unit is mostly designed for high absorbing material where a very high or very reduced exposure time is necessary. Extremely simple to install and to connect, it could also be used as a mobile unit for specific applications. Combined to our computerized control panel (LS1 series), it can be integrated in any environment, can replace the majority of existing units without big changes or any, or can be installed as a single end unit.

  • Baltograph
  • Mobile and stationary

Product features

Tube current range mA 0,1 - 30
Focal spot size (IEC336) From 0,8 x 0,8 to 3 x 3
Ripple 0,1% PP
Maximum output power Watt 4500
Frequency Hz 47 - 63
Current A 22
Steel penetration at max (*) mm 76
Working temperature °C 0 to 45°C
Anode cooling type Oil
Duty cycle % 100%
Insulation Encapsulated
Voltage V 230 (-15% +10%)
Weight Kg 136
Tubehead Metal-Ceramic
Control unit LS1

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