XYLOPHONE® 25NOTE percussion instrument


25note range Silver plated sound blocks with perfect tuning and It contains a note sticker inside. Durable blue case and Color box packaging and 2 mallets included Each of the 25 steel bars is elaborately made.It fits into creating the foundation of your child's music. <Our Company> LUX Music always hangs on to the basic and produces the musical instruments. As the musical instrument manufacturing company for the basic music education, we've always tried our best to make products and satisfy the customer needs. We specialize in the batch production with our manufacturing techniques which have been accumulated for a long time and manufacture all parts in the musical instruments in order to increase product quality. It is supplying its products to Youngchang and Samick, a famous company in Korea. We've exported to many countries including G20 and provided best quality for each country. Also, we've been recognized for our perfect sound quality throughout the world.

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  • xylophone
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LUX Music

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