Microfocus/Nanofocus X-ray Inspection System for PCBA and Semiconductors YXLON Cheetah is a performance and efficiency oriented microfocus and nanofocus X-ray inspection system for the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and semiconductors industries. Get the highest resolution 2D and 3D imaging results. Exceptional 2D/3D image quality in the shortest time User-friendly operation for high-tech inspections One-click solutions for advanced manipulations Best-in-class DR technology Industrial quality computed tomography (CT) upgrade option System Capabilities The increasing complexity of electrical and electronic components requires YXLON to raise the inspection process to unprecedented levels of quality. As a result, the Cheetah microfocus and nanofocus X-ray inspection system was created to give you the very best image in the shortest time. This system achieves the highest resolution X-ray images for the PCBA and semiconductors industry including: Printed circuit...

Product features

Sample Dimensions 800 mm x 500 mm (31" x 19")
System Dimensions 1650 x 1400 x 1850 [mm]
Maximum Tube Power  64 [W]
FeinFocus X-ray Tube FXE 160 [kV]
Time to First Image ~10 [s]
µCT Scan Time ~7 [s]
Maximum Geometric Magnification 2000x
Image Stabilization Air Suspension


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