X-ray and CT Inspection Systems


High Resolution Industrial CT System for Small/Medium Size Parts Inspection The YXLON FF35 CT computed tomography system is designed to achieve extremely precise inspection results for a wide range of applications. Available in a single or dual tube configuration, it is perfect for very small to medium size parts inspection in the automotive, electronics, aviation, and material science industries. Single or dual tube configuration for the highest versatility 2D detail visibility of up to 150 nm with new water-cooled 190 kV transmission tube Temperature stability with granite based manipulation Innovative and intuitive touchscreen operation for quick inspection Application flexibility using trajectories such as helical CT scan, horizontal field of view extension, virtual rotating axis, and standard Quick/QualityScan Precise metrology MPE SD = 8 µm + L/75, measured as a deviation of sphere distance referring to VDI 2630-1.3 System Capabilities The FF35 CT is a compact,...

Product features

Sample Diameter 300 [mm] (11.8")
Sample Height 500 [mm] (19.7")
Maximum Sample Weight 30 [kg]
System Dimension 2990 x 1550 x 2220 [mm]
X-ray Tube FeinFocus® 190 kV nano-focus and / or FeinFocus® 225 kV micro-focus
CT Modes QuickScan®, QualityScan, Cone beam CT, Helical CT, virtual axis, FoV extension, Volume Crop
Manipulation granite based, active air damping, 6 to 8 axis, wide FDD range
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